Baked Corn and Egg

There are loads of recipes for using fresh corn and this Baked Corn and Egg  is one of our favorites. I would actually call this a savory pie because of the texture it gets from the milk and eggs. This is a delicious and easy new way to dress up corn as a new side dish at the dinner table or a healthy breakfast meal.

Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Bake time: 30 mins    |  Serves: 2


  1. 1 cup Milk
  2. 2 tbsp Butter
  3. 1 tbsp Sugar
  4. 1 tbsp Flour
  5. 1/2 tsp Salt
  6. 1 cup corn, boiled
  7. 2 Eggs, well beaten


  1. Dissolve flour in 1/2 cup of milk



2. Boil 3/4 cup milk with butter and sugar


3. Pour flour mixture into the milk mixture after boil is reached to make a thin white sauce.


4. Remove from the heat and stir in salt and drained boiled corn.



5. Mix in eggs. Pour it into a loaf pan.


6. Bake at 200 degree Celsius for 30 mins for until done.


Kitchen Notes:

  1. Let the mixture get cooled, before adding the eggs to it.
  2. Boil and drain corn properly, as it is the star ingredient of the dish.

Enjoy this and keep me posted!!!


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