Easy snack – Potato Surprise Balls😋

Ingredients for 20-25 Potato balls:

1. 4 medium sized potato (boiled)

2. Ginger & Garlic paste

3. Green chillies

4. Cornflour, in two parts

5. Bread crumbs

6. Grated groundnuts

7. Salt and red chilly powder

8. One table spoon lemon juice

9. And surprise item in the dish – Cheese cubes (small)

10. Frying pan and oil

Cooking time would be around 15-20 mins.

How to make:

1. Mash the boiled potato to make a smooth paste. Be careful in getting rid of all the lumps.

2. Add ginger and garlic paste (about 2 table spoon), sliced green chillies and pinch of salt and red chilly powder.

3. Mix well and add the grated groundnuts to give a crunchy feel to the balls.

4. Add one table spoon lemon juice to give tangy taste.

5. Add cornflour (about 2-3 table spoon), for binding purpose, till the mix hardens and soft potato balls can be made.

6. Make small balls of the mix, make a depression and add the cheese cube in it. Roll it again to hide the cheese.

7. Continue making all the balls for the final frying.

8. Add two spoon cornflour in a bowl and add 2 spoon water to make a runny mix, this is to coat the potato balls.


9. Heat the oil in the pan. Till the oil is heated, roll the balls in the cornflour mix and then breadcrumbs.

Potato balls ready for frying

10. Fry the balls on the high flame and keep turning at proper intervals.


11. Enjoy the potato surprise with green chutney or ketchup.


Please note that these potato balls ( from 6 step, before applying the cornflour and breadcrumbs) can be stored in fridge for about 3-4 days, and thus can be used as instant snack anytime.

Easy peasy snacking😋
Easy peasy snacking😋

Happy snacking to all my friends!!!!


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